Best Property Investments in Goa 2021


The tiny state of Goa is packed with wonders that leave anyone spellbound and in love. From the pristine beaches to the beautiful villas, and houses- Goa has something to offer anyone. Even when it comes to a lucrative real estate market, Goa isn’t behind. The property investments in this state offer varied property options to invest in.

The Covid-19 pandemic had sure hit the real estate market in the year 2020, but now the real estate market in Goa is getting back on track and people are looking to invest in property again. In this blog, we discuss the different property investment options available in Goa and why you should or should not go for it. Keep reading to know more!


Land as a property is perfect if you wish to build the house of your dream according to your taste. You can look for lands amongst the rural regions of Goa as it offers a higher rate of appreciation. Plots allow you to build your home from scratch and invest in a space that is away from the hustle-bustle of the city, closer to nature, and according to your wish.

The downside of owning land property is the amount to be spent on the construction, and architecture of the home. Although it can be time-consuming to find the right one.

But not here at Greenlands Goa! With us, you can find the best available land projects located in the beautiful regions of Goa.


Apartments/Flats are one of the most preferred and easy property investments. This requires less effort and maintenance. Apart from this, it includes other amenities like a swimming pool, security, water and electricity, gym and so on. Real estate companies in Goa offer lucrative property investments in Apartments and flats in different regions at different prices. They are easy to find, are affordable, and have a higher resale value.

The downside to this investment is the lack of ownership and land appreciation that almost remains the same. This isn’t the right kind of investment that grows and appreciates with time.


This is both a land/plot and apartment kind of property investment. Goa is known for its beautiful Portuguese architectural influence in its villas. There are numerous such villas across the state with different amenities like balconies, swimming pool, gardens, gym, etc. One can buy an entire row of villas and not worry about the hassles of buying land and constructing homes. This is a heavy investment that offers luxury like no other.

The downside to this investment is firstly the kind of budget it requires. Then finding tenants to rent the villa also becomes a hassle. Apart from this, the market value of a villa tends to be lesser than that of a land.

Greenlands Goa offers lucrative lands that serve as the perfect property investment as well as for those looking to build their dream homes just as they want. Located closer to nature and away from the city life, these locations are still accessible to the major cities of Goa whilst maintaining their beauty and serenity.

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